Turn Your Taste Cookbook (eBook)


We believe health is wealth, and that consuming a whole-food, plant-based diet is the gateway to ultimate health!

It is our duty as human beings to show up and take responsibility for the food we nourish our bodies with. It is not normal to experience dis-ease and we have the power to be in control of things that may be contributing to poor health like our diet. The human body is meant to experience homeostasis and live life in balance. Embarking on a way of clean, organic eating that transforms your health is truly so empowering and rewarding! 

This book takes you through 60+ recipes that are easy to follow and fun to create!

Turn Your Taste Cookbook includes:

~ Resources! It provides educational information to help you switch to a more plant-based lifestyle.
~ 60+ recipes! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, dessert, drinks- we got you covered!
Everything from cinnamon roll pancakes to pumpkin mac n' cheese, and traditional classics like a BLT sandwich plant style!
~ Ingredient swaps! From making your own nut milk at home to egg substitutions and ice cream, we're giving you the tips for the best ingredient replacers.
~ Learn about the importance of bees!

We hope to bring positivity into your life through this book!



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