Creative ways to upcycle your SELFLYSS jar

Curious about a zero-waste lifestyle but not sure where to start? There are little ways to introduce this mindset that doesn’t require changing your whole life overnight. Just start by reusing what you already have!

The average American produces more than 4 lbs of trash every day. By upcycling your jars you can further clean your daily routine, protect the environment, and save natural resources (+ your money).

Vegan Overnight Oats & Chia Pudding

If you’re in a hurry in the AM, our favorite morning hack is to make breakfast the night before! Use your large empties to make delicious overnight oats or chia seed pudding.

Kitchen Herb Planters

Use jars to grow fresh herbs in your kitchen for cooking! We suggest basil, chives, mint, and rosemary which will do well indoors year-round.

Dry Good & Leftover Container

Instead of plastic containers, why not reuse your jars for leftovers and other food storage? Dry goods such as nuts would keep well in these jars as well.

Sprouting Container

Elevate the nutritious power of your favorite nuts, seeds, and grains by sprouting! All you need is one of our glass empties and some water! Learn how here.

Flower Storage

We wouldn’t be a true California brand if we didn’t point out that our containers would serve as great storage for those of you that are 420-friendly. (Hey - it’s legal here!)

Travel Supplement & Vitamin Jar

When you hit the road bring your favorite vitamins and supplements with you! Pack portable portions of your favorite powders and pills so you can stay healthy and vibrant during travel.


Bathroom Storage

Use the empty jar for your reusable, cotton makeup pads or bamboo toothbrush! 


Hope this list gives you some fun, alternative ideas to use your jar so it doesn't end up in the recycle bin! 

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