Alternative uses for peppermint coconut oil

One of Selflyss’s favorite things about our products is that they have alternate uses! While all were specifically designed with a purpose in mind, there are some additional benefits. Today, we’ll explain how to make the most out of our Peppermint Coconut Oil. 

Bug repellent and relief

Studies show that peppermint essential oil offers repellent power when applied to exposed body parts and is capable of killing mosquitoes, ants, fleas, beetles, spiders, and flies. The reason it works as a repellent? While humans find the smell of peppermint pleasant, many insects find it offensive.

The coconut oil also plays an important role in bug repellent. When you apply it to bug bites, it forms a thin protective layer to the skin that helps prevent bacteria and germs from entering into the body at the site of the bug bite. At the same time, the anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil help provide relief from itchiness.

Simply apply a thin layer of Peppermint Coconut Oil to the exposed skin to receive the benefits.

Healing cuts and scrapes

If you find yourself with a couple of boo-boos, you could benefit from Selflyss's Peppermint Coconut Oil. How? Peppermint essential oil found in it has analgesic properties that alleviate pain and a high menthol content that numbs pain and provides cooling relief to cuts and scrapes. Additionally, peppermint essential oil has antimicrobial properties that help protect cuts and scrapes from infection-causing germs.

Coconut oil also has the ability to help with cuts and scrapes. Its antibacterial properties make it ideal for preventing infection in small cuts and scrapes while it also promotes collagen production for the repair of skin cells.

Hair conditioner for thicker hair

Coconut oil also offers benefits to hair. Lauric acid found in coconut oil can actually counteract the protein (your hair's main component) loss that happens from chemical processes such as dyeing and highlighting. In fact, one study done on hair using plant-derived oils found that coconut oil was the only oil capable of reducing protein loss for both damaged and healthy hair when used before and after washing.

One way to achieve the benefits of peppermint essential oil and coconut oil by using Selflyss's Peppermint Coconut Oil is to simply use it as a conditioner! Use it just as you would any other conditioner you keep in the shower or mix a small amount in with your usual conditioner.


As always, it’s important to remember that people react differently to different essential oils. If you notice any adverse effects from using Peppermint Oil Pulling Coconut Oil, discontinue use and reach out to your doctor.


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